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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Muscles Won't Do What I Say

I'm Irritated

I've been stretching a lot in the last month.

The more I stretch the more my muscles seem to tighten up.

I have been doing a lot of stretching this week and it just seems like my muscles are tighter than before. Part of the reason is because the leg that I hurt this summer gets sore when I do a lot of strenuous movement. I've been working really hard at getting my straddle split. But it just doesn't seem to be happening. Should I keep on doing all my exercises regularly or should I give my muscles a break? I'd appreciate a opinion.

Thought I'd vent my frustration a little!

A. L.


Gran said...

What does your teacher say? Sometimes I think you need a rest.

Carri said...

Oh no!! That is NOT fun. I think i'd give it a little rest.:P



Sister in prayer said...

Give yourself a rest!

The Sisters said...

I am very proud of your diligence and hard work- "doing hard things"! You are a beautiful dancer and I know your faithfulness in working hard will pay off. I'm glad your hip and leg are feeling better.