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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Music of My Heart

I love music. I can't play it very well and I don't sing nearly as well as I wish but I love it.
There are some songs that I just can't get tired of listening to. Do you play an instrument? Sing? Tell what your favorite sings are!
Here's a random list.

My theme song-"Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone" by Chris Tomlin
"Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath about 1 Corinthians 13
"London" by Brandon Heath
"God of This City" can't by Chris Tomlin
"Your Not Guilty Anymore"
"Praise You in The Storm" Casting Crowns
"Would You Go With Me?" by Josh Turner
"Search Me Know Me" by Katheryn Scott
"Caledonia" Celtic Thunder
"Like A Bird Without Wings" Celtic Thunder
"Just As I Am" Performed by Nicole Nordaman
"Something Beautiful"
"Red Lettters"


~Eliza said...

Have you heard of Judy Garland? I love her! She has a really pretty voice.

The Sisters said...

I love "Over the Rainbow"!

~Eliza said...

Yes...:-) I was able to post a video on my blog! I found out how!

The Sisters said...

Yeah! I'll to watch it!:)