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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crunches Competition

My mom, aunt, sister, cousin, and myself had a crunches competition. The most I've ever done was 100. I tried very hard and did 700! I was very surprised I even got to 300. To a lot of people that doesn't seem like much I hate doing crunches so that was good for my body. My stomachs going to be sore tomorrow!:)
Well anyway Happy Labor Day!


~Eliza said...

Um...what is a crunch? Is that a silly question? :)

Daniel D. Robbins said...

Wow! And I thought I was doing good to do 32 push-ups all in one set!

Daniel D. Robbins said...

(A "crunch" is similar to a "sit-up". You lie on your back and "crunch" your upper body towards your lower body. Believe me, after 700, your stomach WOULD be sore!)

~Eliza said...

Oh...ok. Just wondering. 700 is ALOT! How long did it take you to reach that many? Like all in 1 day?

The Sisters said...

I usually just do 50 or 100 at the most. But I was trying to win our contest so I did the most at one time that I've ever done in my life!