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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yesterday I began class at my new ballet school. I was very nervous and excited as I put my hair into a bun and got my clothes and bag together. I was anxious to know what this new experience would be like. :) I thought of that quote that I like that talked about trying new things, let me see if I can remember all of it:

"Do not be to afraid or to squeamish about your actions. All Life is an Experiment. The more experiments you do the better."

Life is An Experiment. This was a Experiment. ;)

I walked into a room swarming with teenage girls and above the sound of their voices I heard the teacher, who I had met at registration, call out to everyone that it was time to begin class. I grabbed my shoes and found a place at the barre. I have always been in a rather small class, twelve was the most I had ever had, so fifteen or sixteen girls seemed like a lot to me.

I enjoyed the combinations at the barre and it felt so good to be doing all the familiar steps again. I was glad I had been taught the french terms (thanks to my teacher when I was ten) and all the meanings of the words because she used them a lot. I really liked my teacher and all the girls that I talked with were very friendly. The class went well and I'm really looking forward to my next class!

I have been looking forward to it/dreading it for a month or more. I didn't have a clue what the studio would be like, what the teacher would be like, what my classmates would be like, or what the training would be like. I prayed a lot about it and I prayed that I would be happy and content there. You know what? I am happy and with time it will become a studio that I love. I'll always love my old studio the best because all my friends are there but I am happy. The Experiment was succesful.


~Eliza said...

I am glad you liked it. I did ballet for 1 year when I was in the 2nd grade. I didn't do it a second year. I guess it just isn't really my thing. I think ballet is beautiful, and I love watching it, but I just wasn't devoted enough to really do it and go every week. :)
I liked reading this post.

The Sisters said...

I am so thankful that you liked your new class! I am very proud of you and I know you will work hard and learn a lot this year. You are a beautiful dancer!

Gran said...

I am so glad you liked your class. You will make friends quickly and do good because you are a wonderful ballerina. Can't wait to hear how Lydia likes her class. Love - Grandma

Carrington said...

I am so glad you like it! I am sure you will do VERY well, you are such a good dancer, and I LOVE watching you. :)

Love you lots and lots,