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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

20 Things I Do In the Summer~

1. I Bake- Muffins, Cookies, and Cakes occationally
2. I Read- Novels and Classics
3. I Dance- To Music
4. I Sing- "Caledonia", "Like A Bird Without Wings", "London", "The Twenty-First Time", "Somewhere Beyond the Sea", "The Sound of Music", Hymns, Praise Songs
5. I Watch- "The Next Food Network Challenge", "18 Kids and Counting", movies
6. I Walk- Every morning with my mom
7. I Swim- At my grandparents
8. I Play- Music
9. I Clean- Around the House
10.I Listen- To Books on Tape, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, Selah, Music on Blogs
11.I Take- Pictures
12.I Write- Letters, Blog entries, Plays
13.I Plan- For our Plays
14.I Draw- Pictures of historical costumes
15.I Cook- Supper sometimes with Mama
16.I Look- For New things to do
17.I Explore- New Books
18.I Visit- Grandparents, cousins, the library
19.I Sew- Different things
20.I Imagine- Lots of things;)~


Gran said...

You are a busy girl. You do lots of neat things. You are also a good girl and I am proud of you. Love - Gran

~*~*Cheetah*~*~ said...

Helllo! All of those sound really fun!! Talk to you later!