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Friday, June 19, 2009

Musings of late...

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! Last week we went to visit our cousins and grandparents, and had a great time! Then for the last couple of days our of cousins have been here! We have had a great couple of days!



~*~*Cheetah*~*~ said...

I love seeing pictures of you! :D It looks like you had fun swimming! :D Haven't talked to you much recently. I miss that! Please e-mail me, and I will talk to you later!
~Laura S.

~*~*Cheetah*~*~ said...

Hello Lydia! :D I love reading your blogs! If I knew how to give you and Abigail a blog award, I would ~definitly~ give you one! Great job! :) :D <3
Laura J. S.

~*~*Cheetah*~*~ said...

Oh Lydia, so you know, *Cheetah* is my name on my gmail account, so that is why it says that! Sorry to bother!
Laura S.