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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Merry Christmas!

One of the biggest things about the Christmas season for me is planning cousin productions plays. Its something small that I can do with my spare time that I really enjoy. I think about it all year round. You should see me, a week after the play I send McKenzie an e-mail entitled "Next Play". I just really love doing them. I love to plan! I think about script, costumes, music, and progrmas from January till the next December comes around. It might seem a little strange but its something that I personally love to do. Here's a few pictures of all my cousins that partake in each Christmas play. I just realized that this does not include the two little cousins! Oh well:) This is a picture from last year so we're a year younger there!
McKenzie (15), Me (14), Matthew (13), Caroline (11), Madeline (9), Faith (9), Baldwin (8), Mariah (6), James (5), Hudson (5), not pictured Malachi (2), Walker (2).
If your wondering why the boys look so peculiar its because the have "war paint" on (washable markers) on the faces. They love cowboys, indians, Davy Crocket, and Daniel Boone so they dress up like indians any chance they get! Its so cute to see them have such a good time together!:)

Us Girls

McKenzie and I

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll steal some off McKenzie's blog so I'll have some resent pictures of them!:)


Eliza said...

Cool! So are these not resent?
I really enjoyed them! :)

Eliza said...

oh nevermind! Now I see where you said it was a year ago! :)

*~*Laura said...

Hi! Those are some really cool pictues! It is fun seeing some what recent pictures of all of you!! It looks like you had a lot of fun!! God Bless you!