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Friday, December 12, 2008

"Mere Christianity"

What Bible Study you use? What book of the Bible is your favorite? What are you reading now? Do use a Bible Study book?

I'm reading "Mere Christianity" for my Bible study book. It's by C. S. Lewis and it is very good and informative. He teaches the base of theology and the basis of Christianity. He talks about things that you never hear anywhere else. He was once a atheist but turned to the Lord and went on to write many books about Christianity. He is a deep thinker and discusses things that you don't hear anywhere else. In the book he covers Christian Marriage, Forgiveness, The Great Sin (pride) which I thought was a great chapter, Charity, Hope, Faith, Tithing and many other topics as well. Some people don't like his book "The Chronicles of Narnia" because of his using a Witch as a symbol of evil. And because of that one disagreement they decide that they do not support the man at all. Every one can have an opinion but I must say I do not agree with them. After reading "Mere Christianity" I see what an intelligent Christian man C. S. Lewis was. He has many wonderful insights and pieces of wisdom in this book. I highly recommend it.


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Caroline and Layne said...

Very good spoken post, Layne!
That sounds like a good book...