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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Reading List

I Love Summer time when there's so much to do, reading, swimming, traveling, and relaxing. I love to have a good book and sit and read. One of my favorite things to have is a book. If your looking for some great summer readings check out one of these!

"The Penderwicks" and "The Penderwick's on Gardam Street" by Jeanie Birdsall. I love these stories of the four Penderwick sisters, practical Rosiland, tomboy Skye, imaginative Jane, and sweet little Batty.
"Gangster's at the Great Atlantic" an American Girl History Mystery set in the roaring twenties on the Jersey Shore.
"Elsie Dinsmore", "Millie Keith", "Violet Travilla" by Martha Finley and "Laylie Colbert" by Kristen Hamilton and the "Kathleen Mackenzie" books by Tracy Leininger Craven all in the A Life of Faith Series.
"Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott a wonderful story of the March sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.
And my new favorite books by Noel Streatfield, "Ballet Shoes" and "Theater Shoes".
I hope that you enjoy them!


Gran said...

I have just read 3 books by Eugenia Price. They are based on the true story of St Simons Island and they were so good. They are Lghthouse, New Moon Rising, and The Beloved Invader. They start before the civil war and tell the story of Christ Church and the lighthouse. Layne, you would like them I think. I know your mother would. St Simons Island is the next trip I want to take.

Eliza said...

Hi!! This Lulu again.!.! I really like this post Layne!! I have heard of quite a few of these!! Thats cool!!!

Eliza said...

Sorry Layne, it isn't working and it would let me put in my own name, it just put me in as eliza, but is really Lulu.