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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Purple Foxglove

These are pictures of Caroline and me painting our room. It was rather dark in there so you can't tell much about it but that's Caroline standing by our window and our lime green walls. Caroline
The finished product!
Our New Room! We finished painting last week and we had so much fun. Although towards the end we were both ready for it to finsihed and our room to be put back in order! The paint was called Purple Foxglove. It's a pale soft purple and with our new curtains it makes our room very peaceful and relaxing. Our room was lime green but we've had that for a long time and were ready for a change. Anyway it's all finished and put back together. And we're both very happy with the way it turned out!


Gran said...

Your room is beautiful. I really like the color and the new curtains. Your hmn survey s too hard to choose. They are all my favorties.

Caroline and Layne said...

Y'all did a wonderful job! I am very proud of both of you for working so long and hard to finish. It looks very pretty and I know you are enjoying it!

McKenzie said...

Hey girls!

Your room looks great! I will visit often!


Jessica Lynn said...

I know you don't know me, but I was just sort of browsing through some blogs and yours is very cute! The room is absolutely adorable! Hope you enjoy it!

Gran said...

Don't know but one of your authors. Which one do you like the best? Are they all older authors? Love you!

Laura said...

Hey Caroline and Layne! I really like your room, it is really cute!! I love all the pictures on your blog, like on my blog, I have none!!!
Talk to you later!!