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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Saturday Evening Post

We've been busy painting our house lately, so far we've painted our dining room, kitchen/powder room, living room/foyer/hallway/stairway, and Caroline and I have painted our room this week! We've been pretty busy but the work has paid off and our room looks great! I'll post some pictures soon!



Eliza said...

Hi Layne and Caroline! This liza that is what i go by on blogs. so when you see that it is me! And Carolines friend ( you know who I am talking about :) ) goes by Lulu most of the time usually Lulu, Louie or Lulu jane. :)
I like your blog. Please post pictures soon!

Caroline and Layne said...

caroline and layne,
I like our blog!


Gran said...

Hi Layne and Caroline - I love your blog and I am so glad I have another one to look at. Keep it up to date so I will have things to see. I love you.

Caroline and Layne said...

HiLayne and Caroline I like our pictures Love Baldwin.