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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Having You Been Rocking Around the Christmas Tree?

I have been up until today. My Christmas tree went back in it's big box today!:)

I know, it's been a really long time since I last posted.:) I guess I'll use the excuse that everyone else does...I've been busy!:D lol I spent last week wrapping gifts, baking cookies with a friend (I ruined our fist batch of fudge. It was over cooked. It looked like sand and had rock hard clumps in it. I failed the no fail fudge. I really didn't know you could do that!), and finishing up the scrapbook I made for my cousin Mckenzie. Lydia and I spent the eve of Christmas Eve night wrapping presents, watching "I Love Lucy" and listening to "Jingle bell Rock" and "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" while we ate the homemade fudge that we had made that morning. We had a great time!

We went to my Meamaw and Papaw's house and went to our families annual Christmas party. It was really fun. We really enjoyed being with Meamaw and Papa and having our Christmas with them. I got the third season of "I Love Lucy"! I absolutely love that show!:) Thank-you so much for having us! We had a really good time!:)

We always spend Christmas day at home and we had a great first Christmas in our new house. I got an I-Flex, something that I've really wanted! It is a contraption that hooks on your door and it has a strap that you put one of your feet while you pull the other end of the strap causing your leg to rise and your muscles to stretch and you become more flexible. I really am excited about it. Boy was I sore the day after Christmas from using it!:)
The day after Christmas we went to my BooBoo and Pa's house and had our annual Cousin Production play. It was usual!:) We had a really good time together. I got a new camera, my old one didn't take very good pictures anymore and it was just about to fall apart! I've been having fun with it.
McKenzie handmade Pajamas for me for Christmas. The shirt has my initials embroidered on it. They are so cute and so comfy! Thanks McKenzie!:)
I hope that all of you had a good Christmas! We're having a New Year's Eve party here tomorrow and I spent this afternoon baking two layers of Chocolate cake and two layers of yellow cake and I'm going to put them together to make a four layer cake. I really hope that it doesn't topple over. That would be so sad after all the work that I have put into it!:(
What are your plans for New Years Eve? I spent last year stretching on my living room floor, watching "That's Entertainment!" and eating overly salted Chex Mix. It was really relaxing!:)
So I hope that you've been rocking around the Christmas tree and are ready to ring in the New Year tomorrow night!:)
I pray that the Lord blesses you in 2010. Maybe I'll post at midnight......:)


Sister in prayer said...

I had a fun Christmas also!
My brothers and sister and I have had a Christmas play every year since 2004. We videotaped it, and them we paly it on the TV for our Grandparents to watch on Christmas morning! We usally act out the Christmas story, it can xometimes get interesting with three younger brothers (4, 10) and a sister! (8)
I LOVE the I Love Lucy show! Its a treat when I get to watch it though, because sadly, I don't own any of them, and my family doen't have cable, and we just watch movies, so when I go to my grandmothers house, I sometimes can catch it and watch it. Whoa! I just relized how I'm going on and on here! I've made a laerge comment! ;)
Have a good day in the Lord!

Sister in prayer said...

P.s. I like your new header! I've changed mine too! I wasn't able to find a good picture for my blog, and finally I did! I also couldn't figure out how to put the picture on.... and now I have! I think it looks good, if you stop by my blog sometime, tell me what you think of it! :)
Even if you don't think it looks good! ;) I'd appreciate it!