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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"What 'They' Say"

What is Christmas you may ask?
A time for all mankind to bask,
In the glow of the hearth, in the wealth of the land,
And celebrate God coming as a man, who saved us with His righteous right hand.
But whose name we aren't allowed to say
Because the person in line next to us may
Find it offending, might find it wrong,
To sing that classic Christmas song.
Why in today's world you can't even say
"Merry Christmas" it's "Have a Happy Holiday!"
But how dare you not obey,
What they have told us all to say!

'They' say it's time for the holidays,
Time to wonder where the family will stay,
Time to organize the guest list,
And deck the halls,
And get the recipe for that great cheese ball,
Oh, and make sure you get up early to hit the sales at the crowded mall!

'They' say it's time for the holidays,
Time to grab the tape and the shears,
And the wrapping paper that you've had for years.
Time to turn on the radio and listen to Bing,
While the phone downstairs starts to loudly ring.

'They say it's time for the Holidays,
Time to wear the sweater with the reindeer,
And see the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Caviler,
Dance through the land of sweets,
Wile you congratulate yourself on finding such good seats.

'They' say it's time for the Holidays,
Time to find the earrings that match your heels,
And listen to your kid's excited peals,
As you settle down nest to the tree,
And for a moment sit back and let your mind go free
To think about the true meaning of this special day,
For love is what 'they' say,
Will be the answer to all our troubles,
But there is news that will pop their bubble.

For no matter what 'they' say,
My Lord Jesus Christ was born on that day,
And no matter what they try to stop,
They cannot make any of us drop,
The name of Christ for the "mas",
For even if they think we're crass,
His word alone is our judge,
So from God's own will we should not budge.
For peace comes from God,
Not that brand new platinum Apple iPod.

So even if 'they' say,
"Have a Happy Holiday"
"Merry Christmas!" loud and clear,
Is what I really want to hear.

For Away in the Manger,
On that Silent Night,
A whole host of angels,
Made a spectacular sight.
And the arrival of the First Noel,
Was the blessed baby Emmanuel.
His coming set the sky a bright,
With a shower of magnificent holy light.
For on that great day the Child was born,
And Israel no longer had need to mourn.
For He cam to save His people,
And from every tall, white, stately steeple,
We shall hear the bells on Christmas day,
No matter what 'they' might try to say!

Merry Christmas to you all! And a happy New Year to all of you out there in Blog world! From my little seat, at my little desk I'm sending well wishes to my readers from all over the world. May Christ bless you this season.


The Sisters said...

You did a beautiful job writing that poem!

~Eliza said...

Did you write that Abigail? That was amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing that!


Gran said...

Wonderful!!!! You have talent and brains too. That is a good combination. See you soon.
Love - Gran

Sister in prayer said...

That poem was SO good!
Thanks for sharing it! Did you write it?
Most of the cards we've recieved from people other then in our church, or family who are saved say,
"Happy Holidays, and best wishes for a happy new year."
No merry Christmas!?
Anyway, Merry CHRISTmas!
p.s and thanks for all your comments on my blog! Its been a blessing!

Anonymous said...

That was great and so true. It makes me so mad when People say Happy Holiday. Great post


~Miss Zara~ said...

do you want to be penpals,i have special needs please let me know