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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I think that this movie looks really good! Ballet Shoes is one of my all time favorite books! Oh, it's so wonderful! I really recommend this book! It looks very good but I haven't seen it and don't know if it has any language or inapproprate things in it. I watched the trailer and it looks like they changed a few things (why do they always have to do that?) like the age of the Fossils children, but I love the 1940's time period and the English accents! Noel Streatfield wrote many books but one of her most famous was the "Shoe Series" it included "Ballet Shoes", "Theater Shoes", and "Dancing Shoes". They are all so wonderful!


Eliza said...

Hi! I was just wondering, who wrote this post? Layne or Caroline? I hope you don't mind me asking.
It does look like a good movie.

Eliza said...

oh, and, I think Layne wrote this just by the way it is written! :) But I am just guessing, I don't know for sure. Layne, I love the way you write!!!!

Caroline and Layne said...

Thank-you, Eliza! It was me! I got the movie for my birthday and I will post about it soon!