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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Pride and Prejudice"

Jane Austin didn't know what she had done when she wrote "Pride and Prejudice". How generations of readers would enter the home of the Bennett sisters Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia and see all that happened in the middle-class of England in the 18th century. Or how people would enjoy all her characters from Mrs. Bennett to Mr. Collins and Lady Cathrene de Burgh to Charlotte Lucus. She had such a wonderful story that it has been made into many different movies.

My first look at "Pride and Prejudice" on the screen was about a year ago when I first watched Elizabeth Garvie as Lizzie Bennett in the 1980's version made by BBC. I absolutely loved the story and all of the characters, the costumes, the whole atmosphere of England in that period.

The next version I saw was the black and white with Greer Garson as independent Elizabeth. I enjoyed that version very much but they cut out a lot of the story and the costumes didn't have the empire waist dresses that is in all of the Jane Austin stories.

I am now watching the version made by BBC in 1995 with Jennifer Ehle. The costumes are gorgeous and all the characters are very well casted in my opinion. I think Elizabeth is perfect but that Jane was not as I imagined her. It is a very well made movie and has given me a different look at the story.

I have not yet seen the Keira Knightly version but I can hardly wait to. I have just ordered it since we have looked so many places and none of them seem to have. I have heard that it does not stick to the original book as much as some of the others but I think that I will love it. It looks like it's beautiful and I've heard the music and it's very good. I think that Keira Knightly looks like a very good Lizzie.

I have seen every "Pride and Prejudice" that I've otherwise heard of but if you know of another vresin that's good I would love to see it!

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Gran said...

I just boughtSense and Sensibility. MAy be we can watch itnwhen you come down again.

Love, Gran