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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Faith and Caroline in Faith's basement singing in her microphone. That was so fun!
I like this picture of them. I love black and whites. I look tons of them!
Reading from their sheet of musicHere are the other pictures from our spend-the-night with our cousion Faith. They were singing "Just a Closer Walk wtih Thee" but we didn't know the words exactly so they had a sheet of music that they were following. There are some really funny ones! Happy Birthday Faith!


Eliza said...

Hi Layne! I like the pictures! It looks like you had alot of fun! And Faith, I don't know if you will read this or if you know who I am , but my sister Laura, or sometimes goes by Lulu, writes you so, hopefully you know who I am by that, but, anyway, Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Layne, I will try to post pictures soon on my blog,
Layne and Caroline I like your new blog header!

Laura said...

Hey!! I like the pictures!! I have some new pictures on my blog also!! Happy Birthday Faith!! Talk to you later!!
or Laura

Eliza said...

Hi Layne,
About those litle poles or surveys you do on your blog, how do you do those? I want to do it on mine, but I don't know how. Which march girl did you vote for as your favorite? I did Meg.
Liza Grace