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Friday, April 29, 2011

It Was A Royal Wedding!

I got these off of Yahoo, I hope they won't mind. I obviously did not take these photos, nor do I own them. I'm so glad my blog now is letting me upload photos! I guess it wasn't full after all. 
For a die hard Anglefile like myself this was a dream day. Her dress was a dream, Pippa's was too. Happy Day! Congratulations.They are a lovely couple.
 I think they are absolutely darling. The pageboys are so cute in their uniforms. Check out the shoes!:D
 Her Majesty, the Queen in her cheerful yellow attire.
 I have to say that these hats look like royal terrors. Nice shoes though. Are those antlers?
Pippa looked lovely. This isn't the greatest picture of the dress but it really was beautiful.

I've been up since 3:45 am. I took at two hour nap this afternoon so I'm feeling good. I've had scones and I wore my "Does This Shirt Make Me Look British?" shirt. I'm off to watch the festivities and have a cup of tea. Cheerio!


Giann said...

Hope to see you back up and running soon!

hannahlouise said...

It was amazing wasn't it? I only had to stay up late and not wake up early (England's 9 or 10 hours behind Australia). I loved Kate's veil, and those kids looked like they were having a ball... I agree with those hats, if Princess Beatrice was trying out for a reindeer, she's got the wrong season. Some of the other hats looked like radar dishes stuck on the side of the head (like our PM... did you see Julia Gillard arriving? I'm sure they pointed it out but I didn't see our Governor-General :( and i know she was there).
I'm still on a high from all this wedding excitement. Maybe if I did some writing I'll come back down to earth.
Hannah ;)

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