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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Thursday is Saint Patrick’s Day! I love St Patrick’s Day!!
I’m planning on wearing green on the days leading up to it. I like to get really into it.
I’m going to listen to Celtic music, watch the Today show and Good Morning America for Irish dancing and the amazing group Celtic Woman. My family loves Celtic music. Its one of my favorite styles.
I might even put on a thick Irish accent….maybe..
Our favorite Irish group is Celtic Thunder. Did you know that their new CD “Heritage” is number one on the charts right now! It just goes to show that people still appreciate good music. We got the CD last week and its really GREAT!
Our favorite song by far is “A Place in the Choir” you should just see Lily Kate, it makes her dance.
But we also love “Galway Girl”, “Home from the Sea”, and “Gold and Silver Days.”

This is from their very first show, its one of my favorite songs of theirs.


Lady B said...

Oh my, I am the exact same way! I really like Celtic Woman too but I have not listened to the others much. I may have to look up those songs.
Through Christ,

Olivia Coy said...

My green shirt is ready to go tomorrow. I LOVE St. Patrick's Day especially being Irish. =)I love Celtic music...I am listening to Kirkmount right now...I think they are a family band...just google them and I know you can listen to music on their website. =)

Julianna said...

<3, <3, LOVE! Celtic Woman!!! I've been to their concert at Rupp Arena... it was WONDERFUL! :)

Eliza said...

Saint Patricks Day is Laura's birthday! She is 13 today! :)
Have great day!