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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 All of us girls went Christmas shopping last Saturday. We had a really great time. The weather, although rainy, was only in the 40's. We went all over the mall and several other stores. William-Sonoma was awesome. I love that store.
 We got Starbuck's and I burned my tongue on my white chocolate mocha espresso.
At J. Crew they were giving away candy canes. Its a really great store but the prices seem steep.
 I got this great pair of shoes at another store, I was really excited about them! I really like pretty shoes.

So to get to the point of my post.

After the mall we headed for another store. Its my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods.  I was taking more pictures to go along with this post when one of the employees came up to me.

"Could I ask what your taking pictures for?"

Oh. no. please don't say.. 

"oh, I was just taking pictures for my blog."

"Oh really? I'm sorry but you can't really do that. You see, everything here is trademarked. I'm sorry about that..."

oh swell. I really want to crawl under my bed right now.

"Oh, I understand. I'm sorry. :)"

I don't recall what else I said but I do remember letting her know I was profusely sorry. I'm a rule follower so I felt really out of line.

Lydia was standing beside me wiping her forehead thinking how great it was that I happened to be taking the pictures for once and not her.


The lady was nice though. She later came back over to me and asked me what kind of blog I had.

"Do you write a food blog?"

"Well not really, its really just whatever is going on."

"Do you write about food? I could talk to my marketing manager and we could set up some shots."

"Oh thanks but that's really okay. :)" *smile*

I thought is was really nice of her to ask. If she only knew I was just a sixteen year old who had this little blog among the millions of others in cyber space. I'm not exactly Pioneer Woman you know!:)

maybe I ought to have said,

I write a column in Gourmet magazine. I was just taking a few shots to go along with the article I'm writing about your amazing store.


yeah, I'm from Food Network and we were wanting to feature the store in a special about organic and all natural food.

But then again she might not have believed me. :P

You might remember me saying that one of my favorite quotes is "A person with inner dignity is never embarrassed."

oh yeah. whatever.

I just need to get some more inner dignity I guess.


Giann said... parents have cameras on their phones so I take pictures like that. :) You could also buy the stuff and then take pictures...??? You would also have to put a disclaimer down at the bottom telling people you "were not compensated to write this post" or something like that.

Anyway, sounds like you had fun shopping!


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

LOL!! You poor dear...
I feel your pain. This past summer I was reprimanded for "peddling" kittens in front of Walmart!
I felt so stupid as I sat down on the curb and waited for Momma to finish shopping!

Erin and Co. said...

LOL! My sister was "yelled" out cause she was videoing something at one of our stores. I saw these pictures and my first thought "how in the world did she get away with those!?" We have a mall here in my town, that you can't take photos of anywhere at all in the mall. Its ridiculous in my mind, but since its technically "private property" they have the right to make those rules.

Hannah said...

Sounds like fun shopping. I really like to go to the Dekalb International Farmer's Market in Atlanta and they have a sign saying not to take pictures while in the store. Which I do understand, but sometimes isn't fun, since they have some really neat foods in there... plus a delicious looking(and tasting) dessert bar. :*)

Monica said...

What a funny post! Food Network should hire you!