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Friday, January 29, 2010

It was Interesting...

I baked cupcakes last night for the the boys to decorate today. Chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. I got a book from the library, Hello Cupcake!, and the boys loved the different ideas. They have many different themes and ideas and some of them were so incredible you wouldn't even think that they were food. It is defiantly geared for kids and Titus told me the book was fascinating. I don't remember Titus ever calling anything fascinating before...

I had quite the time making frosting. They all crowded around the mixer and laughed and laughed the whole time. They wanted different colors so we did white (vanilla), brown (chocolate, my favorite), green, blue, and yellow.
They helped me make it...

It was fun at first but then it got a little messy, the icing got a little messy. All in all Gabe was the only one of us that got more than one cupcake frosted. I put Levi down to watch a show after I caught him licking the icing off his decorating bag. Yeah, I wouldn't really want eat his...

There was a lot of dishes to do after that, lots of little pieces. The decorating tips, and the bags, and the little thing you use to pipe roses on. I'm glad I did it with them, they had fun and I had fun, but I don't think I'm going to attempt that again for a while!:)

After that we made valentines day cards...I liked that, no frosting to wipe up!:)

I'm glad its Friday...its my favorite day of the week.

Have a good weekend


Kellie said...

Thank-you for being such a wonderful sister to the boys! Thank-you for all of your help yesterday, too. I love you and appreciate you so much!

Memaw said...

It sounded like you had a very good time and fellowhip. You are very patient with your brothers and show them love.
Friday is my favorite day too. I don't have to go to work and most of the time I can do nothing.
Love You,

Sister in prayer said...

Yeah, I know how it is doing things with younger siblings! :) Sounds like fun! And its good to do things like that when you have siblings, its fun, and a they will appreciate it, and remember the fun cupcake time they had with their sister!

Baby Blessings said...

I awarded you with the Happy 101 Award! Go to my blog for details! :>)