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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Baby Girl!

I'm so excited about our new little sister! It will be so much fun to have another precious baby girl in the house. After three boys I didn't think that it would happen! But it did! We are discussing names now. As some of you know we always keep the name a secret until the baby's born. It is always a Bible name. I just recently had the thought that I was the only one with a name from the old testament. I think that its neat to have a tradition with the name of each child. Our aunt and uncle are named Mary and Marc and they have each of their children's names start with an "M" too, McKenzie, Matthew, Madeline, Mariah, and Malachi. Anyway my mom just bought the first girl baby clothes!:D Oh their so sweet! She could never wear my stuff, its really out of style! It makes me laugh to see how bright the colors were!:) My clothes were bright reds, navy blues, and dark greens. The 90's were defiantly a era marked by primary colors!:D Well anyway I'd thought I'd share my joy!:)
A. L.


Gran said...

I think we are all excited it is a girl. Little girl clothes are so sweet. I love to watch the boys play but the little girls are the ones that let me love on them. Levi and Gabriel are in the Old Testement. Julia is in the Bible. (Hint, hint!) Love - Gran

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what the nmae is!
Miss Hannah

P.S. all of our names are from the bibsle or hebrew. Here is the list from oldest to youngest: Hannah (me), Josiah, Noah, Aliah(aleea), Isaiah, Parah, and then the one whomn is still not born his name will be Jeshuah.

Eliza said...

In my family, me and my sisters, all our names end with an "a" as in alone.
Funny. I love little girl clothes! They are so cute! Yes, the name Julia is beautiful! :)


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hi Abigail and Lydia!
Yeah!! A Girl! I know you guys are so excited. Little boys are precious, but little girl clothes are just SO adorable! :>)

~McKenzie Elizabeth~